SSI 2016/2017 Annual Dinner held on Xiangshan Hotel


The annual dinner was held on 11th January2017 with a theme “Thrive together, create future”at XiangShan Hotel. ChairmanAndy Lin, CEO James Zhao, SVP Richard Li, executive director Chengbin Li havejoined the dinner.

In past 6 months, we have invited James to beour CEO, Richard to be our SVP. What’s more than that, we’ve accomplished manytasks during 6 month which takes most companies 6 years to achieve. We thrivedtogether to solve crisis. Our management team has optimized management style toactively response to market. With the efforts, many progresses in work arewitnessed. In addition, the SSI value and spirit are spreading across thecompany. In such a short time, we together made some great things happen.

James summarizedthose obstacles that we encountered during the past time. He then pointed a cleardirection for a future change. He concluded that SSI should take opportunitiesto expand, build up strong customer relationships, enhance R&D strength,lower the cost, make vertical integration, and bring in more talent to the team.We have the faith that with our efforts, we can succeed in the future.  

--Be passionate, be optimistic, and be happy!

Richard recognized the efforts sales team made inpast 6 months. “We have involved in customer interaction more actively whichlargely improved our customer relationship. Let’s keep this open and honestattitude towards customers. We should provide the best service to every one ofthem in exchange for their recognition.” He said.

--Serve every client full heartedly.

Chengbinexpressed a strong resolution for SSI’s future. He said that we have aninvestment plan for over 10 years. We aim to build up a complete industrialchain for SSI From advanced from material adoption to vertical integration,.

--“The smart left, the stayer made afortune.” As Chengbin described companies in transition period.

SoundSolutions has 80-year acoustic solution experience. With such well-establishedfoundation, SSI is just like a great jade waiting to be carved. We have thisstrong belief that SSI will shine in the future. Let’s together make thismiracle happen!

--Adversities inspire the great potential within, what doesn’t kill youmakes you stronger.

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